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San Anselmo, California-based Evotek US, LLC distributes the professional Formula 1 car race simulator, Evotek SYM 026, and other innovative products conceived in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley by Evotek Engineering srl. Evotek Engineering is a dynamic, innovative Italian automotive R&D studio founded by mechanical and electronic engineers with years of consulting experience with some of the most iconic and respected names in the auto racing industry, such as Ferrari and Maserati.

Evotek 4Lock for iPhone
The 4Lock precision holder for iPhone was originally devised by Evotek Engineering for the Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M, the convertible released to celebrate the 16th F1 World Cup victory by the Ferrari team. Evotek then added accessories to enable free hand use of the iPhone on any road vehicle.

Evotek SYM 026
The Evotek SYM 026 simulation platform was designed with the professional Formula 1 drivers in mind, in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, by engineers who, to this day, conceive and design groundbreaking solutions for the racing and advanced automotive industries.

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The Evotek SYM project started in June 2010 with the goal of designing a professional Formula 1 simulator from scratch, as opposed to adapting the technology and software originally designed for flight simulators.

Supernova Racing Team Testing the
Evotek SYM 026 Formula 1 Simulator

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